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Manufacture of Wardrobe Furniture

Date     : 2019
Location : Πλατεία Αμερικής , Αττικής
Category : Ντουλάπες | Ειδ. κατασκευές
Μaterials: Direct Βακελίτης

Production Furniture

The wardrobe furniture of special dimensions and adaptation are designed based on the measures of the space in order to cover the needs first of all, but also the stylistic requirements of a professional space. They are made with selected materials and are suitable for the proper use and durability of the furniture. The range of materials is large and covers even the most demanding design.

Commercial Department

In the commercial section of the company, you will find items such as Wall & Floor Tiles, Sanitary Ware, Batteries, Accessories, Heating and Cooling Items, Sinks, Faucets, Accessories, Electrical Appliances etc. to complete even the most demanding renovation of your store.